Barikisu Hair Academy - Vesterbrogade 102, 1620 Kbh V | Tel: (+45) 71 62 63 60


Cut, men   250,-
Cut, ladies   300,-
Colour from 550,-
Stripes from 750,-
Blow drying   275,-
Eyebrows, colour   110,-
Eyebrows + lashes   195,-
Treatment   350,-
Wash, massage and blow drying   450,-
Afro hair, relaxer/perm. from 850,-
Afro hair, wash + roller setting from 450,-
Texturizer from 700,-
Water curls from 1.900,-
Braid & leave with real hair from 2.600,-
Braid & leave ex. hair from 1.400,-
Cornrows from 650,-
Braids from 1.800,-
Dreadlocks with own hair from 1.800,-
Dreadlocks with artificial hair from 2.100,-
Dreadlocks with mohair from 2.100,-
Dreadlocks, repair from 650,-
Dreadlocks, wash from 250,-
Extensions with real hair, 2 lanes from 2.100,- to 6.500,-
Extensions ex. hair per row 375,-
Extensions with Bohyme, real hair, 2 lanes from 3.000,-
Twist from 2.200,-
Hair products from 139,-


All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK)

It is possible to pay with Mobilepay and Swipp. 20% should be paid in advance when you are booking.

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